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Email: info@dtai.com.au                 Tel: +61 0422284030

Dtai S. Hansathit


As an artist, I always carry my small sketchbook and portable watercolour palette with me. I paint and sketch whenever I can to sustain and sharpen my observation and visual interpretation skills. I love both 'plein air' (on location) and 'studio' painting approaches. I paint what I see and follow my feelings to capture the mood, atmosphere and essence of my subjects across the spectrum of day to day activities; landscape, cityscape, people and sports. If you spot me painting or sketching in the city of Sydney, I would be delighted if you could come and say hello.


About me


M. +61 0422284030

E. info@dtai.com.au


I love to hear from you. If you have any inquiries please do not hesitate to contact me. Your comments and inquires are important, I'll get back to you in timely manner.